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JT JT40 Fusion Rectangular Shower Trays

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JT40 Fusion Shower Trays

The perfect blend of stunning slim-line looks and industry leading manufacturing technology. The beautifully designed JT40 FUSION has an incredibly discreet profile of just 40mm and is 50% lighter than a stone resin tray.

The tray is double skinned for extra strength. It comes with a 25-year guarantee and can be fitted flat to floor or raised on legs with a JT MERLIN riser kit. Its 90mm rapid waste outlet complements the trays sleek lines and allows 36 litres of water to carried away each minute.

Available in 24 sizes, it ensures a truly beautiful installation, whatever your specification.

  • Installs flat to floor or on legs with a JTMERLIN riser kit
  • 90mm Waste Outlet
  • JT Fast Flow Waste supplied FREE
  • 25 Year Guarantee

Delivery Method:
Delivery Time: 5 - 10 Working Days

JT40 Fusion Rectangular Shower Trays

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900 x 800mmF980100£193.15£135.21
900 x 760mmF976100£193.15£135.21
1000 x 800mmF1080100£199.20£139.44
1000 x 900mmF1090100£199.20£139.44
1000 x 760mmF1076100£199.20£139.44
1200 x 760mmF1276100£207.85£145.50
1200 x 800mmF1280100£207.85£145.50
1100 x 800mmF1180100£212.27£148.59
1100 x 760mmF1176100£212.27£148.59
1100 x 900mmF1190100£212.27£148.59
1200 x 900mmF1290100£241.74£169.22
1400 x 800mmF1480100£354.71£248.30
1400 x 900mmF1490100£354.71£248.30
1500 x 760mmF1576100£399.89£279.92
1500 x 800mmF1580100£399.89£279.92
1600 x 800mmF1680100£445.08£311.56
1700 x 700mmF1770100£467.66£327.36
1700 x 760mmF1776100£467.66£327.36
1700 x 800mmF1780100£467.66£327.36
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