4 Essential Products for the Perfect Bathroom

The perfect design is not always the perfect finish. Once you accomplish construction and remodelling, you might want to check these four things that are essential in your bathroom. But, before you read through, you can check my blog on for more product suggestions for your project.


No more exceptional item can accessorise your bathroom but a well-thought sink. Other than its beautification purpose, a sink is essential in the bathroom for hygiene. Unbeknownst to all, the sink is the focal point of a bathroom. With the right sink, your bathroom will look gorgeous.

Pro tip:

Separate your sink from the toilet. Some would like to combine the sink and toilet to save space. However, it would be more convenient to separate them so that one can still use the restroom while the other can use the sink.


If you don’t want a dark and gloomy bathroom, then you might want to reconsider your lighting. Upon doing the renovations, assess your area. If your bathroom looks dark for your taste, then choose the ideal lighting that will suit your style. There should be enough electric and natural light that shines upon your bathroom.

Pro tip:

Consider placing your bathroom on an outside wall with windows. You wouldn’t want a damp bathroom to be a home of mould, bacteria, and viruses. If a window is out of the options, then opt for a skylight. It serves as natural lighting and ventilation.


The floor is as essential as the other parts of the bathroom. Choosing the right flooring is crucial. You would not want to slip and hurt yourself or your guests accidentally. But then, don’t leave out style for convenience. There are lots of bathroom flooring tiles and such that you can choose from. You can check my blog to browse through stylish and affordable, but high-quality, floor tiles.

Pro tip:

If your bathroom is always damp and stills the waters in the floor, consider non-slip tiles. If not a bathroom mat. In choosing the style and colour, match it to your desired theme.


For style and elegance, a vanity can justly do the trick. You can choose from different styles and different materials. Vanity is not just for, well, vanity. With a well-planned vanity for your bathroom, you can save space and gain storage. You can place bathroom essentials, such as toilet papers, cleaning materials, and soap stack, in the vanity.

Pro tip:

Choose a drawer-style for your vanity to save space. You can have multiple of them to organise your things well.

You will have the perfect bathroom finish with these four items. But, no matter how elegant and dashing your renovations are your bathroom won’t reach its full potential without the right materials.

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