4 Most Common Types of Work for Landscape Architects

If you want an impressive outdoor area, then you should consider landscape architecture. No matter what type of place it is–a home, a commercial establishment, a landmark, or a park–this area of expertise can beautify the space through a systemic investigation of different aspects to bring about a fantastic outcome. For example, a service for retirement landscape maintenance Perth professional landscape architects offer will not just make the retirement village of community beautiful, but it also make sure that the lanscape is acceptable according to standards set by the government. To achieve the expected results, the process should involve proper analysis, planning, and management.

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The scope of landscape architecture is very broad, but let us introduce you to the most current projects landscape architects work on.

Layout Designs for Home and Businesses

When we look at either homes or businesses all over the world, you can see they come in different types and designs. The layouts are different and unique for every country. For example, commercial landscaping Perth architects offer are unique from those found in some cities in the US.

In the past, residential and commercial properties with gardens are only typical in large and spacious lands, especially in rural areas. These days though, you can see a variety of gardens, and they are not artificial either. Landscape architects are the ones responsible for making these real gardens possible even in crowded areas, even in spacs where there is no soil.

Private Gardens

Private gardens are most common in residential areas as well as several other private properties, as the name implies. Landscape architects can build these gardens on your property in a careful manner. They consider your ideas and what you want, and then they plan on how to make it feasible and excellent.

Asian gardens are some of the most common inspirations for Australian homeowerns. However, their designs are also applied by places that want simulate the feeling of home.

For example, of you ask a retirement garden maintenance Perth company, they would say that they have worked on Asian-inspired gardens for some retirement communities.

Whatever property it is, though, landscape architecture requires careful planning to achieve a unique look.

Roof Gardens

In rural areas, having a garden is familiar and accessible. Many people have them in their outdoor spaces.

However, in urban or crowded cities, having a garden is almost impossible. Aside from the fact that land is expensive, most areas have limited soil. However, architects know how to handle these types of spaces.

In retirement homes, for example, retirement village landscape architects and retirement landscape maintenance Perth companies offer innovative ways, such as a roof garden, to offer owners with a garden even with limited spaces.

Community Gardens

In most neighbourhoods, there are always common areas. It is a place where everyone can relax and enjoy the refreshing breath of fresh air. It is also a place of activities which people can enjoy. It is a must for the landscape architects to ensure it meets the common interests of the people living in that community. They need careful consideration so it would come out beautiful and attractive. It should offer relaxation and fun for people who will visit the area. However, they need the help of a commercial reticulation Perth contractors to develop perfect reticulation system for the garden.


If you are planning to transform your home or business landscape into something remarkable, then it’s better to seek advice from a retirement landscape maintenance Perth contractors near your area. On that note, you can visit www.Skylinelandscape.com.au.