An international student’s guide to college housing in Australia

College students, especially those who are just about to enter college, have so many things to consider when entering a university. One of their concerns will be where they will stay while studying in their university.

Now, if you are planning to rent a student accommodation Australia has these days, you can choose from a number of options. However, take note that looking for college housing is especially far more difficult for international students.

Usually, the international students Brisbane have can choose from these following options:

a. Boarding houses

Also known as lodging houses is the most popular college accommodation among students because of its affordability. A student can occupy only one room; kitchen and bathroom are often shared with other boarders.

b. Shared apartments

For students, shared apartment is common because you get to divide the rental fee with your housemate/s. This is also a popular choice because students often share an apartment with their friends.

c. Homestay

This type of student housing is common among international students because they are welcomed by a host family. The international student gets to be a part of the family while studying in Australia. Being with a host family also exposes an international student to the culture of the locals.

d. Off-campus Hostels

This is by far the most affordable college housing you can find. The place can be a little cramped because of the number of residents; kitchen and bathroom are also being shared in this type of accommodation.

e. Residential colleges

This can be quite expensive because students get to have free meals and laundry. Those students who can afford also choose residential colleges because this is just within the campus. This type of accommodation also offers activities that support its residents when it comes to their studies.

Before choosing among those five options above for college housing, here are a few frequently asked questions by international students:

1. Where can I start looking for my college accommodations?

You can start by contacting your university for available rentals and accommodations. You can check for any available Griffith accommodation online, for example.

2. Is it okay to organize my accommodation before I arrive in the country?

Most international students choose their permanent accommodation upon their arrival. It is important that you can personally check the place, unless you have a trusted friend to do this for you, before signing any lease contracts. In the meantime, you can stay at your university’s hotel.

3. What is the best rental property for me?

Choose a property the fits your needs. If you want to live alone, then choose an apartment that is only good for one occupant. If you want to have a roommate or housemates, you can check out a Brisbane University share accommodation.

4. How much would my rent be?

Student accommodation Australia rentals can be around AUD$100 to $400 a week. Pls observe proper writing of keywords that end in locations. Rent will also depend on the location, and if the property is being shared. College housing rentals in other regions can be cheaper.

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