Do You Really Need a Thermometre When Cooking?

Back in the Stone Age, humans eat fresh meat. The day they discover fire, cooking food was also born. However, they don’t mind about the doneness, juiciness, or if they’re eating burnt meat, as long as they can satisfy their hunger. In today’s world, humans have evolved to have sophisticated tongues and strict rules when it comes to cooking or grilling meat. Now, for some serious Aussie cook and griller, a thermometer like the ones from has even become a must-have cooking tool.

These people believe that cooking or grilling without a good cooking thermometer is like driving during the night without headlights. So, spend some money on good thermometres or spend the money on ruined meat later.

But, do you really need one?

  1. Saves You a Trip to the Hospital

Every cut of meat is required to be cooked at a certain temperature in order to eliminate any harmful bacteria. Authorities have recommended people to use a meat thermometer in order to check for doneness. Here is a guideline of the recommended temperatures:

  • Ground poultry: 165 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ground pork, lamb, veal, or beef: 160 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Whole cuts of lamb, veal or beef: 145 degrees Fahrenheit and a 3-minute rest time
  • Whole cuts of pork: 145 degrees Fahrenheit and a 3-minute rest time

So, what better way to check if whatever it is your cooking has reached the desired temperature than with a reliable thermometer offered by suppliers, like Or, you risk paying the hospital a visit.

  1. No to Overcooked Meat

You know how it goes: You marinate your meat overnight. The following day, you prep your grill and sauces. Finally, you place that chunk of meat on the grill, whistling away as your meat cooks.

The only problem is that you become too engrossed watching football or talking with someone that you forgot to flip your meat over.

So there it is, your supposedly mouthwatering BBQ is ruined with overcooked, dry, and burnt meat.

Don’t let that happen to you. With the best cooking thermometer, you can beat the heat and allow yourself to cook meat at the correct temperature, so it stays tender and juicy.

In addition to monitoring the correct temperature, some of the modern thermometres, like the ones at, also include timers and alarms that notify you when the desired temperature is reached.

  1. Savings

Lastly, a thermometre is a great investment for any serious cook and griller. Messing up a night of marinating meat and a day of smoking meat not only makes you frown and your eyebrows meet in frustration, but it also happens to mess up your wallet.

All the money, time, and hard work you spent just to get that perfect meat only to dry down and burn is probably one upsetting moment.

Once you overcook the meat, then there’s no going back, making it a total waste. And, when you undercook it, well, it’s probably the hospital bill that will make you scratch your head.

In short, getting a high-end cooking thermometre is a wise decision to make. It helps you avoid having that overcooked meat with all the time and resources wasted. Or, it helps you avoid that undercooked meat, which can result to being confined in a hospital.